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International World Heritage Youth Forum

" Both sides of the coin - how the dark and light sides of my World Heritage can become keys to understand the present and the future", Karslkrona, Sweden 3-8 September 2001

The Youth Forum aimed at deepening the understanding of World heritage and to make the students aware of the dark and the light sides of their World Heritage sites. The concept behind the Forum was to try to fond methods to give World Heritage a role as a vital element in the big story of mankind and earth and thus to see World Heritage in itself as a pedagogical tool aiming at deeper understanding of complexity and joint responsibility. In order to be fully aware of what lies in the cultural heritage and in World Heritage we have to recognize that war, oppression, walls to keep people in - or out, prisons, environmental degradation etc. all are part of our heritage.

Participants of Germany:

  • Teacher: Mrs Christa Steubing, Clemens-Brentano Schule
  • Students: Ms Kristin Deiker, Ms Isabel Rudel, Mr Erwin Förderer
  • Teacher: Mr Steffen Noack, Carl-Zeiss Oberschule
  • Students: Ms Nada Ibrahim, Ms Paulina Plewka, Mr Taha Paighambari
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