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First European World Heritage Youth Forum

"Young People's Participation in World Heritage Preservation and Promotion", Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25-30 May 1996

Teachers and students from Associated Schools, representing 21 European countries, took part in the Dubrovnik Forum. The work was conducted in both plenary and creative workshops. In the plenary, participants were introduced to the goals of the Dubrovnik Forum, as part of the ongoing Project aiming at introducing young people to World heritage as well as to problems and possible solutions which appear in this particular field of educational work. The students choose among six workshops inspired by the heritage of Dubrovnik and its region while the teachers worked in groups discussing educational approaches to World Heritage in classrooms, project implementation, development of didactic tools, etc. The students launched an “Appeal” to the European Ministers responsible for cultural heritage who met in Helsinki while the teachers discussed and finalized a Framework of Action for World Heritage Education for the period 1996-2001 thus establishing a solid reference for all those who want to continue or join the Project in future.

Participants of Germany: Katharinenschule Lutherstadt Eisleben

  • Tamara Meichsner, teacher
  • Lars Jackel, student
  • Christine Kirsch, student

Documentation published by Croatian Commission for UNESCO/Ministry of Culture (pdf)

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