Chelsea: Woodblock Printing [Haein-sa Temple - South Corea] © 2010 Hainberg-Gymnasium
Estibaliz: Learning Chinese [Kunming - Yunnan - China] © 2011 Hainberg-Gymnasium
Participants with the UNESCO-Dove Nr. 33 © 2011 Hainberg-Gymnasium

Come to the World Heritage property Røros Mining Town and the Circumference, Norway, and assist in preserving this old wooden town for future generations! What better idea for your summer holiday than to enjoy the beauty of a mountain town that is a living and thriving community concerned with the responsibility of the heritage they are entrusted with and to take part in the many tasks they have to accomplish?

Get to know young people from Røros and other World Heritage properties in Norway and Europe. Students from Røros Upper Secondary School will participate in the summer course together with young people from other parts of Norway, the Nordic Countries and the rest of Europe. The course therefore offers a unique opportunity to get to know the local community as well as likeminded youth from all over Europe. During 10 days you will work together, go on excursions together, listen to experts together, sit around the fire under the bright nights of the Northern hemisphere together …. And maybe make friends for the rest of your life.

Your participation will also be a concrete contribution to the preservation of the World Heritage property Røros Mining Town and the Circumference! Through practical activities you will learn about the many tasks that have to be done for a good protection and management of the property. Experienced leaders will guide and instruct the work in small groups of students. Previous experience is not expected from you, interest is the key.

The work you will be doing, which could e.g. be fencing, building restoration or haymaking, will take place within the village itself as well as on the small farms or the at mines in the circumference – the cultural landscape surrounding the mining town. Certain days will be dedicated to specific restoration workshops. You will also have the opportunity to meet, listen to and draw experience from experts visiting the summer course.

When the course is over, you will have learned a lot about personal involvement and local responsibility. Once back home we hope that you will share your experience with your fellow students and be an inspiration in your own local community.

Excursions and social programme

The participants will be introduced to the town of Røros and its Circumference through excursions. The students of Røros Upper Secondary School are preparing an exiting social programme for the evenings.

This course is part of the UNESCO’s project “Young People’s participation in World Heritage preservation and promotion”. At the course you will have the opportunity to meet people working for the implementation of the convention in Norway and what is done to preserve our common heritage.

Young People’s Participation in World Heritage Preservation and Promotion – gives the youth a chance to become active citizens. This exciting, worldwide project was launched by UNESCO in 1994 to enable young people to participate in World Heritage conservation and management. Students are learning about World Heritage properties, about the history and traditions of their culture as well as other cultures, about ecology and the importance of protecting biodiversity. Aware of the threats facing properties, they learn how nations unite to save heritage cherished by the international community as a whole. They discover how they can contribute and make themselves heard.

Røros Upper Secondary School organizes this exciting event in co-operation with the municipality of Røros, Røros Museum and the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO.

Foto: Tor Enget, Arbeidets Rett newspaper 15.08.2011

Participants of Germany

  • Chelsea Heese, student of Hainberg-Gymnasium/Göttingen
  • Estibaliz Eidmann, student of Hainberg-Gymnasium/Göttingen


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