International Workshop “World Heritage in Young Hands”

Interregional Workshop for ASPnet schools organized by the Lebanese National Commsion for UNESCO in the framework of the Euro-Arab Dialogue: December 15th till 19th, 2005

Under the patronage of Mrs. Bahia Harriri, and in the framework of the Euro-Arab dialogue, the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO organizes an international workshop on “world heritage in young hands” .

Students and teachers from Associated Schools Network of Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon represent the Arab region while those from Germany, France and Turkey will represent the Europe region. 

The workshop will tackle number of themes among which world heritage as a concept, the world heritage convention of 1972, criteria for inscription on the world heritage list, the role of official departments and NGOs in the protection of world heritage sites.

Participants of Germany: Hainberg-Gymnasium Göttingen

  • Monika Kleineberg, teacher
  • Lena Awad, student
  • Faiza zu Lynar, student
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